City of Cape Girardeau Continues to Renovate Capaha Park


Construction at Capaha Park continues as city employee’s work around the clock to beautify the most recognizable park in Cape Girardeau. On the western end of Capaha Park, renovations continue as workers have already finished the remodeling of the new amphitheater and now they’re working on Cherry Hill. Officials say they have much going on at Capaha Park and once they’re finished with this, Capaha Park is pretty much finished as far as their masterplan goes. Officials say there is still much going on around the park on Cherry Hill. They say they’ll be replacing the shelter that used to sit there, the playground and adding a permanent restroom on that hill area and whenever this work is completed they say they will move on to the Rose Garden. Officials say they will renovate it and put it back pretty much like it was, but it will be AD accessible and it will have many more other planting features. The park renovation is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.

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