Sales Tax Continues to Climb in Cape Girardeau County


Figures released late last week by Cape Girardeau city officials show that Cape Girardeayu County received $734,801.23 this month in its sales-tax account from the Missouri Department of Revenue, bringing the year-to-date collection to $7,063,047.70. Officials say if revenue for November and December come in flat — meaning at least the same amounts received as in 2020 for the final two months — the 2021 total will be more than $8.3 million, a new record high. The current annual record was set last year when more than $7.79 million was received. Among the factors possibly contributing to the consistent increase n sales-tax revenue are inflation, growth of Cape County’s retail sector, more disposable income and the marked increase in county population. In addition to the October sales-tax revenue, Officials  reported Cape Girardeau’s county’s Proposition 1 revenue this month was $734,800.90 (year-to-date: $7,066,461.15). Prop. 1’s primary focus to fund road and bridge work.The county’s law enforcement and public safety levy, which voters authorized in a June 2020 plebiscite, generated $732,254.78 in October (year-to-date: $6,998,156.03).The county’s use tax on out-of-state and online purchases, earmarked as a funding source for upgrades to county facilities — most notably the construction of the current Jackson courthouse — brought in $212,956.87 this month (year-to-date: $2,470,126.82).


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