Crews Continue to Make Repairs to Crab Orchard Lake


Work is continuing on the multi-million-dollar spillway project at the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. Construction crews lowered the lake by four feet to work on the dam and improve access for the public back in July. The lake has not been this low in over 40 years. Officials say the demolition is more than half way complete. They were talking about the work to replace the concrete on the 80 year old dam. They said they’re taking advantage of these low water levels to make other necessary repairs around the lake. Officials say they are said they’re also are making changes to attract more wildlife and the benefits of all the repairs will be well worth the wait.  Officials also say that next spring when that water level is back normal pull it’s going to be a fantastic fishery again. Officials are reminding residents that the lake is currently open and water levels are expected to return to normal in the spring with rainfall and drainage.

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