Almost 85 Million Meals Provided to Residents Across Missouri During COVID 19 Response



The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported that 84,597,200 meals were served during the COVID-19 response. This announcement was made on Monday, October 4.The meals came from the Bureau Community Food and Nutrition Services.FNA partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture program operators around the state to not only continue nutrition programs, but also expand them where they’re needed the most. Officials say, USDA offered program flexibilities to let parents and guardians pick up meals for children and adults (adult day care centers), delivery to children or adults, flexible meal times and a bigger variety of menu items. For the first time, in March of last year, the Summer Food Service Program began operating year-round to provide free meals to children. It continued for a year and a half through September 2021. Officials say, a total of 3,447,394 meals were served in May and June in 2019. A total of 10,206,835 meals were served in May and June in 2020.


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