The Cape Girardeau Public School District Looking Into Having Wifi on Buses


A local school is looking to give students another option to do their work, this time on buses. The Cape Girardeau Public School District is looking to install cellular Wi-Fi on all 28 buses they currently lease from Robinson Transportation. During Monday night’s school board meeting, the board approved a bid for Wi-Fi installation and services on the buses. Officials said this will help benefit the students gain access to any work, just like if they were in the classroom. Officials said there should be plenty of bandwidth to be able to connect everybody on the bus. It’s also what they call CIPA filtered or Child Internet Protection Act, so it is compliant with all the federal and local regulations as far as filtering goes, Officials The federal funding is coming from the emergency connectivity fund, which was $7.17 billion and their request for funding for this was around $80,000 for the equipment and around $10,000 for service. Officials say if they get fully funded on it, their portion should be only about $2,000 for the year.”If and when the application is approved, then the installation process starts. It could take a total of three months. They hope to be up and running by the beginning of next semester.


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