Carbondale City Officials Add More Security to a Downtown Area


An increase in crime leads to a new safety measure in downtown Carbondale. City leaders say they’re trying to break up what they call large, disruptive crowds and make a dent in the hundreds of police calls to that area. Carbondale’s Town Square sits just off the intersection of Routes 13 and 51.It’s a combination of green space and benches, along with a large public parking lot. Since January, city leaders say it’s also been the site of an increasing number of crimes officers have responded to 1,150 calls to the Town Square area since January of this year. City officials are calling the activity in Town Square a serious safety concern. In response and with a new tactic, officials have  added speakers and flashing lights to multiple light poles to deter disruptive gatherings and criminal activity.Officials say , music coming from the speakers is intended to create a calming atmosphere and the lights are a reminder that there is a law enforcement presence to prevent criminal activity. A city spokesperson said the lights and speakers come on when police feel they’re needed. Officials say the lights and speakers are not a final solution, but they call it a better alternative than putting more officers in the area or shutting the parking lot down altogether. Officials say the lights and speakers are not designed to put property over people. Instead, they hope the effort prevents someone from getting hurt.Leaders say, they are trying to create an atmosphere on the square that will be comfortable and safe for everyone and not just the disruptive individuals.

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