IDES and DoIT Partner to Launch Identity Management Solution for Unemployment Insurance Benefits System

The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) and the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) have partnered together to integrate ILogin, a new identity verification and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution into the IDES unemployment insurance benefit system this week.   ILogin creates a new, simple, more secure login process for claimants accessing their IDES accounts, including integrating MFA and identity verification software to protect claimants.  ILogin utilizes security industry best practices to protect users, including identity proofing, authentication methods, fraud analytics, and threat monitoring.  The new solution uses an identity cloud platform and integrates the use of MFA, which adds another layer of validation to claimant accounts.Claimants who have previously filed an unemployment insurance claim will be required to complete an account setup process when first accessing ILogin, which will include establishing a new ILogin ID and preferred method of MFA, which can include an access code received via text message or phone call.  The new ILogin account will replace any current IDES username and password and will grant claimants access to their existing IDES account.New claimants filing an unemployment insurance claim will be required to undergo an identity proofing registration process in addition to completing the account setup process when accessing ILogin.  All users, new and existing, must have an email address to register with ILogin and access their account online.The IDES unemployment insurance system will be the second public facing system to integrate ILogin.  Additional State of Illinois applications will also be utilizing ILogin in the coming months which will provide a uniform login process to users who have accounts with multiple state systems. More information, including how to create a new ILogin account, assistance with forgotten or resetting passwords, and assistance with setting up MFA, can be found on the ILogin FAQ webpage.









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