Cape Girardeau City Council to Offer Counseling Services to Local First Responders


First responders are trained to handle several difficult emergency situations and those situations can lead to stress in the workplace. Now, the City of Cape Girardeau is providing help to first responders. Officials say they see  many different traumatic events in  their line of work and it has taken  a big shift in their  line of work, you know firefighters are supposed to be macho men and having a high tolerance for bottling that traumatic event up inside them. And it’s important to identify that and be able to discuss it. This is why the Cape Girardeau City Council is utilizing some of the American rescue plan money to provide professional counseling for first responders. Officials say, whether they be fireman or police they go under much stress and they can’t think of a profession that deals with life and death like they do or that chance of life or death and it puts much strain on them personally and at times they need that counseling. Officials also say that with COVID-19, and all of the extra precautions you have to take, it adds more stress on a difficult job. Officials say they are hopeful the counseling services will assist in improving the mental health in the workplace for first responders.



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