Many Cape Central Students Could Face Charges  After Video of Assault


Several Cape Girardeau Central students have been disciplined after video surfaced showing them physically attacking another student. School officials would not comment on identities of the students, how many were involved in the incident, the discipline handed down or whether the incident occurred on school property. Top of FormBottom of FormThe brief video surfaced Friday afternoon and shows a victim on the ground, with a number of male students — at least some masked — over him. One of the attackers holds the victim’s head as he grinds his clothed genital area into the victim’s face. Police confirmed authorities are investigating the matter. They say their school resource officers were forwarded a video of an assault that occurred on school property. Thier SRO forwarded the report to their juvenile office to review the incident. We cannot disclose any more information as the victim and all of the suspects in this incident are juveniles.

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