Cape Central Middle School Students Vandalize School Restrooms Due to Tik Tok Trend


A viral TikTok trend called “Devious Licks” has inspired some Cape Girardeau School District students to vandalize school restrooms. Central Middle School administrators said Tuesday the school has seen “an extreme amount of vandalism” in its restrooms. Students ripped numerous soap dispensers off the walls, according to the letter. Students poured an unknown “red liquid” all over toilets and walls. Towels were shoved into toilets to intentionally flood bathroom floors. Many schools across the country have reported vandalism since the “Devious Licks” trend took off earlier this month. Viral videos on the TikTok app show students unzipping their backpacks to show off stolen goods. Some users boasted about fire alarms, security cameras, computers and microscopes they stole. This trend led Central Middle School administrators to restrict bathroom usage Monday. With certain exceptions, students were only allowed in bathrooms during scheduled breaks every couple of hours. Officials say Central Middle School and other secondary schools in the district had an increase of students participating in the trend last week. However, the issue has since gone down after school administrators held conversations with students. Cape Girardeau students caught vandalizing would be subject to school disciplinary actions, parent restitution and potential prosecution for property damage, according to the Central Middle School administrators’ letter. So far, no Cape Girardeau School District students have faced disciplinary actions, officials say. Officials said theyu hope students will take this as a learning opportunity for appropriate behavior.



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