The Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Continues to See an Increase in Boardings


The most recent usage report from officials at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport has revealed that the airport continues its comeback in passenger traffic from the depths of the COVID pandemic. Enplanements, the industry definition to designate passenger boardings, stands at 5,121 year-to-date for the first eight months of this year, with 806 boardings recorded last month. Passenger traffic for last month was 123 percent higher than last year, but down 28 percent when compared to (pre-pandemic) 2019, officials say. Airport officials had projected 7,400 enplanements for 2021 but officials said if the current trend continues, the final number might exceed the 8,000 threshold. In the pre-COVID era, an airport had to reach a minimum of 10,000 annual enplanements to receive $1 million in an FAA AIP grant. If monthly enplanements continue at the level of 800 per month, the airport will exceed 8.000 for the year and be eligible to receive $600,000 via a federal grant officials say.

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