Cape Girardeau County’s Sales Tax Continues to Increase


Sales-tax receipts in Cape Girardeau County continue to increase at a record pace. County officials announced last week the county received $867,729.39 this month in its sales-tax account from the Missouri Department of Revenue, just $1,600 shy of the county’s all-time monthly record amount of $869,339.83 set in June. The only other time the county’s monthly sales-tax revenue came anywhere close to its current level was in December 2017 when it reached $861,930.39. With three months, to go in the calendar year, Cape Girardeau County’s sales tax this year has brought in $6,328,246.47. It’s running nearly 7% ahead of last year’s record pace when the county’s sales tax generated just more than $7,791,000. Many factors are likely contributing to the rise in sales-tax revenue, including a rising county population, additional disposable income, the growth of the county’s retail sector and inflation. Meanwhile, the county’s use tax on out-of-state and online purchases, which are taxed at the same level as the county’s total tax rate brought in a total of brought in $283,427.92 this month and so far this year has generated $2,257,615.03.

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