House of Representatives Approves Illinois Clean Energy Bill


The massive clean energy bill has passed the House following an hour-long debate. The vote was 83 to 33.Governor Pritzker said earlier Thursday that he would sign the bill, which was approved along party lines. SB18 requires the closure of all private coal-fired and oil-fired electric generating units by Jan. 1, 2030 and required municipal coal to be 100% carbon-free by December 31, 2045, with an interim emissions reductions goal of 45 percent from existing emissions by no later than January 1, 2035. The city of Rochelle is a co-owner of Prairie State. Last Wednesday, the Senate approved the new version of the clean energy bill, also along party lines. An additional concern for Republicans was that the bill could raise currant energy rates which could cost consumers $136 million every year under a reconciliation process in the bill that’s capped at 5 percent. The average residential customer would pay an additional $3.50 per month.

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