MSHP Releases Labor Day Holiday Statistics

MSHP Releases Labor Day Holiday Statistics

Seven people died in traffic crashes during the 2021 Labor Day holiday weekend. Last year, there were 18 fatalities. The 2021 counting period for the Labor Day holiday ran from 6 p.m., Friday, September 3, through 11:59 p.m., Monday, September 6.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports the following enforcement activity during 2021 Labor Day Holiday:

MSHP Traffic Statistics (preliminary):

Crashes ¯ 351
Injuries ¯ 103
Fatalities ¯ 7
DWI ¯ 108
Drug Arrests ¯ 71

MSHP Boating Statistics (preliminary):

Crashes ─ 7
Injuries ─ 4
Fatalities ─ 1
BWI ¯ 6
Drownings — 0
Drug Arrests ¯ 18

(Note: During the 2020 counting period, the Patrol investigated 278 traffic crashes, which included 140 injuries and 11 of the 18 fatalities. Troopers made 146 arrests for driving while intoxicated last year. Also, over the Labor Day holiday 2020: Troopers investigated 20 boating crashes involving six injuries and one fatality; and arrested seven people for boating while intoxicated on the state’s rivers and lakes. There were no drownings over the 2020 Labor Day holiday weekend. NOTE: The fatality statistics in this news release could change if late deaths occur, if other departments report fatal traffic/boating crashes after this news release was published, or if a fatality is determined to be caused by a medical condition rather than traffic/boating incident.

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