State of Illinois Announces Additional Steps in the Process for Conditional Adult-Use Dispensing Organization Licenses

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) today announced additional steps in the process to issue conditional adult-use dispensing organization licenses. In order to remedy limited administrative errors that led to certain applicants receiving fewer entries in the July 29th lottery than they were entitled to, an additional lottery will be held to provide those applicants with the correct number of entries.

Only six applicants did not receive the correct number of entries. The additional lottery will not impact applicants who were selected for the opportunity to be issued a conditional license in the previously held lotteries. The final list of winners from the previously held available lotteries are available online: Lottery 1, Lottery 2, and Lottery 3.  The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act grants IDFPR the ability to issue up to 500 conditional adult-use dispensary licenses. The initial three lotteries were for 185 of those 500 licenses.

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