Former Village Trustee Accused of Stealing Money from East Cape Girardeau


An East Cape Girardeau village trustee is accused of stealing money from the county. Court documents say that Jason A. Tubbs was arrested and charged with a class 1 felony of theft of government property in Alexander County. Officials say Tubbs was arrested at an East Cape City Council meeting in August and escorted out by two deputies. Court documents show that from around August 1, 2018 through March 1, 2020, Tubbs took money totaling between $10,000 and $100,000 from the Alexander County Public Building Commission .In early March 2020, the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office was notified by one of the Alexander County commissioners regarding suspicious activity with the members of the building commission for the Alexander County Courthouse. They were told the members not being compliant with the current audit Over the next couple weeks, the bank account was reportedly frozen and members were called in and removed from the board. On August 5, 2020, Alexander County State’s Attorney Zach Gowin gave the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office a folder from Southern Bank with copies of returned checks from the building commissioners for the past year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the investigation was placed on hold. It was reopened on July 29, 2021.Court documents show all the checks in question had the signatures of Jason Tubbs and another person on them. Investigators say a lot of the checks were written to places and people that didn’t seem to be for the Alexander County Courthouse. The reports stated that bank statements show returned checks and electronic debits to places such as Dish Network, Verizon Wireless, Walmart, Patriot Fireworks, Food Giant, Subway and more. Court documents say , there were also cash withdraws by Tubbs or checks written to him and another person for reimbursement. Investigators say all the money missing or in question totaled $62,736.87.Jason Tubbs is still a village trustee in East Cape Girardeau at this time, officials say . Tubbs’ next court date is on September 7 at 10 a.m. in front of Judge Farris in Alexander County.


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