Local Police Say There Have Been More Vehicle Break-ins Happenin


Police say they’ve have seen a sharp increase in vehicle break-ins. Specifically, the area of Lexington and Amblewood area. They said this is the time of year when he sees an increase in vehicle break-ins. They say one consistent thing that they notice is that the vehicles that are being broken into and the items that are being stolen, it’s vehicles that are left unsecured and it’s valuables that are left out in the open. Those are the two biggest things that we warn people against,” , police say. The best way to make sure that your personal items will not get stolen, is to make sure your doors are locked, and your personal items are not in plain view of anyone walking by. Police suggested parking in a well-lit area and try to monitor your vehicle.If  anyone is a victim of a vehicle break-in, you should immediately call their  local police department and file an incident report.

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