The Southeast Missouri Food Bank and Customers Are Seeing Higher Food Expenses

As the numbers of COVID-19 increase so does the everyday costs for the Southeast Missouri Food Bank and consumers in general. Officials say the Southeast Missouri area is still having a higher need for food than it was before COVID started. The Southeast Missouri Food Bank is seeing higher food and fuel prices that have impacted the amount of food they have been able to get for the region. Officials say, the freight prices have also increased and the food bank would typically pay   anywhere between $1,000 to $1,800 for a tractor trailer load of food but now the food bank is paying from about $1,800 to about $2,800, so officials say they’ve seen like a 20 percent increase there as well. Officials say, the cost of food for them has increased from 15 percent to 25 percent and families who are in the SNAP program are also seeing an increase by the USDA to go into effect on October 1st and those in the SNAP program will have a little more benefits for purchasing healthy foods which will also allow them to improve their health. For more information on the changes can be found at


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