Court Upholds Life Sentence for Arson Suspect

The court upheld a 120-year sentence against a Dexter man three years after he filed an appeal.Edward Lusk was charged in August 2016 with multiple felonies including burglary, arson and property damage after a crime spree that began in July 2016.He was sentenced to 120 years in prison in August 2017. In November 2017, Lusk filed a post-conviction motion to vacate the judgement and sentence. Three years later, a trial was held on his appeal on August 3, 2021. On Aug. 18, the conviction was upheld. In its judgment upholding the conviction the court noted: “[Lusk’s] attorney admitted the “resolve” of Prosecutor Russ Oliver to seek the maximum sentence possible on as many counts as possible was not in question…counsel had represented more than 100 defendants that Mr. Oliver had charged and prosecuted…counsel was certain that Mr. Oliver would try every count at as many jury trials as it took to obtain convictions for every offense.   Officials said all state appeals for Lusk are now “fully exhausted.


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