Scott City’s 911 Center to Switch Their Internet Provider

In Scott City, callers with a 911 emergency may find their calls go unanswered during a power outage. City officials brought this issue to the Scott County Council on Monday night.  Officials say the city’s 911 provider, Charter doesn’t allow 911 calls to go through during power outages. Officials say that if there is a power outage in the city then they have to depend on cellophane service.  Officials say the emergency responders noticed the problem during a recent power outage. The 911 center utilizes a backup generator for outages, but it doesn’t the phones since the phone lines are routed through the internet. Officials requested that the council allow the 911 Center to switch from Charter to AT&T because AT&T’s fiber would allow calls to be placed and received during power outages. This request was approved, but this transition would cost an extra $186 a month. The transition has begun now that the city council has given their approval. Officials say there will be a 50 to 90 day wait for instillation.

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