New Orleans Woman Accused of an Attempted Carjacking in Mississippi County

A New Orleans woman was arrested following an attempted carjacking on July 31. Decquir Rhashaunda, 35, was taken into custody and booked into the Mississippi County Detention Center with a no bond hold for first-degree assault, armed criminal action, endangering the welfare of a child,among other charges. Deputies say on County Road 404 around 8 p.m. on July 31 a truck driver offered to help a woman in a white SUV who seemed to be having car trouble. The woman had five children in the vehicle, between the ages of 2 and 14, and told the driver she needed gas money to get to Chicago. The driver told deputies that as he was talking to the woman, he saw the children get into his vehicle. When he went to get them out, he said the woman got into his driver seat and tried to take the car.During a fight, the vehicle was put into drive, dragging the driver a short distance and ending with the car in a ditch. East Prairie police found the white SUV and identified the driver as Rhashaunda. She told officers she was lost and trying to get to the interstate. As one of the officers held the driver-side door, they said Rhashaunda put the vehicle in gear, dragging the officer 10-15 feet. Deputies say , officers followed the SUV, but the chase was stopped due to weather conditions and the safety of the children. The following morning, the vehicle was found behind the MFA station on Highway 80 west. The sheriff said the mother and children were seen walking in a fence row south of East Prairie near Merrillian Lane. Deputies and first responders arrived on scene and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office brought in their tracking canine. Rhashaunda and her children were safely found deputies say. They said responders got food and water for the children because they said they had not eaten in two or three days. Rhashaunda was booked into the detention center and the children were placed into the care of the Missouri Children’s Division.



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