Richland High School Now Educating Students on How to Fly Drones and Planes

Students at one regional high school can now take aviation classes that will assist their future careers take off. Richland High School is adding a program which starts his school year and prepares high school students to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s tests to become a private pilot or drone pilot. The curriculum used comes from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Officials say chool leaders feel the program’s a good fit for both students and the community. They say there are crop dusting services and possibly a need for agriculture surveying fields or evening engineering and surveying using unmanned aerials, so we like providing that opportunity that can affect the students and our community in the area. Officials also say the program will also expand high schoolers’ horizons to see what their futures could hold. School leaders also plan to work with local universities including Southeast Missouri State University and career centers to introduce students to what could be their next step after high school.

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