Masks Are required Inside City Buildings in Paducah

Mayor George Bray has declared a state of emergency in Paducah related to COVID-19 that will require everyone to mask up when inside city buildings. Officials say this is due to the increasing number of COVID cases in McCracken County and the fact that the county has returned to the red zone based on its number of positive daily cases. The state of emergency directs all members of the public and all state and city employees to be masked or wear facial coverings to enter and remain in City of Paducah office buildings, including City Hall. Employees can remove their masks within their workstations when appropriate social distancing from others can be maintained.The state of emergency also strongly encourages all people medically eligible to be vaccinated do so. It also suggests, but does not mandate, that businesses encourage employees and customers to be vaccinated; and if not, require masks and social distancing.


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