State Residents Who Are Homebound Can Still be Vaccinated

Homebound Missourians are still being vaccinated with the help of two regional organizations. Aging Matters and John’s Pharmacy are coming together o make vaccinations more convenient. Officials say there shouldn’t be any barriers for a person to get the vaccine if that’s what they’re wanting. They say they are still receiving the calls for the COVID vaccine. They coordinate with, not just homebound but for anyone wanting to get their COVID vaccine. Officials say Aging Matters covers 18 Missouri counties, and getting vaccinated is simply a phone call away. Officials at John’s Pharmacy say it is important they take care of all homebound patients. And when it comes to being vaccinated, he said all three vaccinations are available and a home vaccination is the same as going to a clinic. Officials say they send a nurse out and they’re  pharmacists. And they’ll have all the energy supplies in case there is a reaction. People are going to get the same vaccine They can schedule can schedule a follow up dose to make sure you get that second dose if you chose that vaccine.


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