Police Pursuit Causes Deadly Crash in McCracken County

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Office released new information on what led to a least one crash on U.S. 60 on Monday, August 2. Deputies in a released report that detectives conducting a drug investigation tried to arrest a Cairo man for delivering a large quantity of methamphetamine at a hotel on the 5100 block of Cairo Road. The detectives tried to keep the suspect from leaving the parking lot, but he was able to maneuver around them and drive west onto Cairo Road. Once they were able to catch up to the suspect, the detectives said he began throwing large amounts of meth from the vehicle as continued to travel on Cairo Road. he detectives report they were able to keep an eye out for the suspect as they drove into less populated areas where their was sparse traffic. As they neared U.S. 60, they slowed their pursuit in an attempt to decrease the pressure on the suspect. A detective said when he rounded the curve leading up to U.S. 60 he saw the suspect’s vehicle crash into an eastbound SUV. This was near the entrance to the Barkley Regional Airport. The detectives immediately began to treat the injured drivers, but the female driver of the SUV did not survive.The suspect, identified as 27-year-old Lamont X. Young, was flown to an out of state hospital due to the extent of his injuries.Kentucky State Police are investigating the crash, which was the second of three crashes on U.S. 60 on Monday. McCracken County Sheriff’s Office detectives are continuing their investigation into Young for illegal drug trafficking.


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