Smith Leads Fight to Return Fairness to Meat Markets

Congressman Jason Smith (R-MO), joined by Senators Roger Marshall (KS) and Mike Rounds (SD) and Representative Dusty Johnson (SD) introduced the Feed America by Incentivizing Rural (FAIR) Meat Packing Act to ensure a level playing field for our nation’s cattlemen and to return to fair prices for both cattlemen and consumers. The FAIR Meat Packing Act creates two tax incentives to facilitate the formation of small- and mid-sized meat processing facilities allowing cattle producers to compete for better prices in the marketplace. Four meatpacking firms control over 80 percent of all the beef slaughtered in the United States, leaving most cattle producers with a take-it-or-leave-it choice on the price for their cattle. Early on in the coronavirus pandemic, the price of meat at the counter soared but producers saw the price of cattle fall to historic lows. Already struggling with a collapsing supply chain, these circumstances pushed many producers to the brink of survival.


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