Three Additional Counties Are Now in the Orange Warning Level for COVID-19

Southern Seven Health Department (S7HD) reports the Illinois Department of Public Health announced Union, Johnson, and Pulaski Counties will move into an Orange Warning Level on the COVID-19 risk metrics. Massac County was moved to the Orange Warning Level last week and remains there. Jefferson, Franklin and White are also still considered at Orange Warning level. The amount of New Cases Per 100,000 people, Test Positivity Percentage metrics, and falling ICU bed availability at area hospitals are causing the elevated risk levels. Officials say an orange designation indicates warning signs of increased COVID-19 risk in the community. Residents are asked to remain vigilant to slow spread of the virus. A warning for New Case Rate indicates the rate is greater than 50 cases per 100,000 people. A warning for Test Positivity indicates that the percentage was above 8% from the previous 7 day period. A warning for ICU Availability shows the number of ICU beds has dropped below a 20% availability threshold. Union County had 273 potential new cases (based on 46 positive cases) per 100,000 reported. The test positivity percentage for the county was 5.3% out of 850 tests. ICU availability was 17.7%.


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