Century Casino in Caruthersville Will Soon Have a Hotel

Century Casino in Caruthersville will soon be expanding with the purchase of a hotel and new developments. City officials are hoping this will draw more people into town.  Officials say that when people come into town they don’t have a place to stay. Casino officials say they acquired property near the casino, including a two-story hotel and four free-standing houses. The casino will refurbish the existing hotel, and a brand new one will also be constructed next to the existing casino pavilion. The current casino is moving off of the river. Officials say the city relies on the casino very much, they’ve been wonderful to this community, so they think by the announcement that they’ve made about the expansion, and it can only help the city and bring more tourists because they’re going to invest a large amount. They also say this will assist with sales tax y and of course the library has a sales tax that helps benefit us so that’s good news for the city as well.


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