Jackson High School to Have Athletics Hall of Fame at School

The Jackson R-2 School District Board gave their approval a new hall of fame program during their monthly meeting on July 13, 2021. Officials say they plan to implement the new program this coming school year. Officials presented the hall of fame’s constitution and by-laws at the board meeting, which they said was put together after they looked at similar programs at Cape Central, Sikeston and Wentzville. Jackson High School athletes will not be eligible to be inducted into the hall of fame until they have been out of school for five years. At that point, athletes can be nominated for the award and be considered by a new hall of fame committee. Athletes can be eligible by receiving individual honors such as “All-American” and “All-State” or be a member of a team placing in the top four in state. In addition, athletes can be honored in the hall of fame for outstanding athletic achievements made at the college, professional or Olympic level after leaving Jackson. An entire team can be nominated if they place in the top five teams at the state level. Every one of the schools state title teams will be recognized automatically. Nominees will have to get a two-thirds vote from the hall of fame committee to be inducted. The committee will be made up of fifteen members, including the current JHS principal, the current JHS athletic director or assistant athletic director, at least one member appointed by the Tribal Council Booster Club, current JHS coaches, former JHS coaches and alumni of Jackson High School.

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