There Are Resources Available for Those Effected by Dexter Tornado

The Stoddard County Emergency Management Agency provided resources for homeowners and business owners affected by the EF2 tornado in Dexter. For homeowner recovery needs, it’s recommended that residents call the United Way at 211 from their cell phone, or by dialing 800-427-4626 from a regular phone. The United Way has a call center set up and can direct residents to appropriate agencies and organizations based on their direct necessities. Business owners can contact the Dexter Chamber of Commerce at 573-624-7428. The chamber can assist in answering questions regarding business recovery. Farm owners should first call the Stoddard County Farm Service Agency at 573-624-5939 to find out where to get help for farm structure, farm equipment or crop damage claims. For more information on agriculture damage after a storm, you can visit Rural Development Disaster Assistance Recovery online, the Rural America’s Partner in Disaster Recovery brochure or Emergency Farm Loans online.

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