Several Topics Covered During County Commission Meeting on Thursday

Cape Girardeau County Commissioners dealt with several topics am during a brief ten minute public meeting on Thursday. County officials say that the number of positive cases has increased to 38. The number of confirmed COVID cases in the county since the start of the pandemic stands at 9,480. They also say over 33.8 percent of Cape Girardeau County residents have been fully vaccinated against the virus. The county commissioners also gave their approval to a motion to reappoint Richard Proffer and Dale Rauh to new five-year terms on Cape Girardeau County’s Enhanced Enterprise Zone Advisory Board along with, Scott Smith, new superintendent of the Jackson School District. The Cape Girardeau County Commissioners also agreed to renew a three –year contract to provide a school resource officer at Nell Holcomb School and accepted a bid of $2,835 for Integrated Supply Company of Cape Girardeau to provide tax receipt envelopes through the Cape Girardeau County Collectors Office.


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