Future of Former Broadway Theatre Unclear at This Point (Up Date)

The Broadway Theatre building has sat stagnant on Broadway for several years. Evan after a fire burned much of its interior and roof earlier this year, minimal repairs were done. City officials are doing what they can to get the ball rolling. Officials say they consider the building to be condemned. They sent the building’s owner a notice to repair the building in early June. The notice said the owner had a maximum of thirty days to make the necessary repairs to the building and as of Tuesday afternoon, they have not received a response. Officials say the next step in the process is to have a public hearing. Local entrepreneur and pharmacist Suzanne Hightower created a not-for profit that is focused on saving the building. The not- for profit, Cape Girardeau Broadway Theatre, has a goal of raising enough money to bring the building up to the city’s code and restore it. City officials say that the building’s owner had the intention at some point to donate the building to the not-for profit, but that hasn’t happened yet. Officials say the city is currently looking into options to remove the scaffolding currently supporting the building’s façade and fencing blocking the sidewalk in front of the building, but not much can be done if the owner or organization can’t raise enough money. Officials say that if the owner or the organization doesn’t raise enough money the only other option is to condemn the building. Officials say the city is waiting for another property to pass its condemnation deadline and when it does its public hearing will coincide with a hearing with the former Broadway Theatre building sometime in August.

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