Tax Assists Cape Girardeau County Fund Important Needs

It’s been just over a year since local voters in Cape Girardeau County approved a half-cent sales tax to address law enforcement and public safety necessities. This tax became effective last fall and ever since then it has generated over $5.3 million. So far this year, the tax has provided $4,783,290.04 for the county and $740,681.31 in this month alone. These numbers were released by the Cape Girardeau County Treasure. Counting the revenue the tax generated in the later part of last year , the tax has generated just over $5,528,000 to date and is on pace to provide over $8 million in support of the county’s law enforcement needs this year alone. Officials with the Cape Girardeau County’s Sheriff’s Department say first and foremost there has been an effort to address the salaries of staff members, but the department is still below the wages that are paid in counties that are similar in size to Cape Girardeau. In addition, they say that the tax has also funded necessary equipment needs and upgrades to the department. Some of the things that are being addressed are as simple as painting and replacing floor tiles. Officials say one of the first steps they took this year was the opening of the new 911 central dispatch when they upgraded their control radios to the MOSOWIN system. Officials say without the radio upgrades the department wouldn’t even to able to communicate with police officers in either Cape Girardeau or Jackson because the old system was obsolete.

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