Crews Are Progressing With Hospital Repairs in Stoddard County

Crews are hard at work and making progress with repairs at Southeast Health Center of Stoddard County after the facility was damaged by an EF2 tornado Saturday night, July 10. Officials say  major progress has been made to repair roof leaks, the front entrance is in the process of being repaired, the automatic doors should be fully functional later this week and power has been restored to the hospital and office building next door. They also say they received good news about the building. Structural engineers evaluated the building and came back with an overall good report. When repairs are complete on the roof, clean-up will begin in the inpatient and outpatient units. With this good report, officials hope o restore Emergency Services as soon as possible and this could happen sometime in next 24-hours, the pace of progress on Tuesday remains the same. Officials say with the current resources on hand, this goal could be possible. The reopening of the Behavioral Health Unit and Inpatient/Same Day Infusion Services will follow soon after.


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