150 Homes Damaged in Dexter Missouri Tornado

The National Weather Service confirmed that the tornado in Dexter, MO on Saturday night was an EF-2 with peak winds of 120 miles per hour. About 150 homes received damage as the twister’s 5 1/2-mile path took it over the northern edge of the city. Several mobile homes were heavily damaged or destroyed. One mobile home flipped on its roof. Several garages were  blown from foundations. A few large buildings sustained major damage, including major loss of roof structures. A hospital sustained major damage with several windows blown in, ceiling panels blow down, and one attached structure blown away from the hospital. Several vehicles at the hospital had their windows blown out or were otherwise damaged from flying debris. Most home damage was lost shingles and siding, but at least one home sustained major loss of roof decking. Half dozen homes had major damage due to fallen trees. Hundreds of trees were uprooted or snapped.

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