Health Officials Find Traces of Delta Variant in Cape Girardeau County

Cape Girardeau County Health officials say once again they are seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases, and the Delta variant could be in Cape Girardeau. After months of dormancy, a handful of positive COVID 19 cases have been confirmed within the last week right in Cape Girardeau County. With the region’s irst confirmed Delta variant case in Butler County, local health officials said there is really no reason to think it would not be here. Officials say that in some recent analysis there was detection of a variant there for Cape Girardeau. Officials believe he Delta variant of the virus is all around as traces of the delta variant have been found in sewage. They say so far, indications of the variant have been found even though they have no positive cases in the county. They say the public should be aware of the COVID-19 strain, which is still very active. Health department officials said they are doing everything they can to accurately report the coronavirus case numbers to the public by being transparent with cases across the county.

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