Dam Project to Effect Several Activity’s at Crab Orchard Lake

.One of the largest lakes in Southern Illinois is set to get a bit shallower in the coming weeks. It’s all being done due to a necessary construction project on the dam. Crab Orchard Lake inside the Crab Orchard Refuge started seeing its water levels drop on Tuesday. Officials say repairs are going to be made to the dam on the lake. Crab Orchard Lake Dam is also the largest dam that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service owns and the dam was built in 1938. Now, the top of the concrete is beginning to break down.  Officials say they need to take about 12-18 inches at the top of that concrete off and replace it with new concrete. The lake will drop about 1.2 inches a day and 4 feet in total. Officials say visitors to the lake will see features that are typically underwater.  Due to the lake level being lowered  boating, fishing and some campgrounds may be impacted.

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