Cape Girardeau Man to Spend 14 Years in Jail

A Cape Girardeau man and a repeat offender is facing fourteen years in federal prison for drug trafficking and firearms charges. Gene Tyrone Wren of Cape Girardeau to 168 months, which totals fourteen years in federal prision, as stated in a news release. This sentencing came after Wren, 41 pleaded guilty in March to narcotics and firearms charges. He was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over by police in Cape Girardeau City limits on November a news release said. Police found various items inside the vehicle including approximately sixty grams of methamphetamine and a semi-automatic rifle loaded with thirty rounds of ammunition and a loaded semi-automatic pistol. He was prohibiting from processing firearms at the time because of several felony convictions for robbery and drug trafficking crimes as far back as 1997, a release said.

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