The Jackson R-2 School District Won’t Require Face Coverings When School Starts

The Jackson R-2 School Board approved the District’s COVID-19 plan for the approaching academic year during its June 22 meeting, removing many restrictions but leaving the possibility to go back to the 2020-21 procedures if necessary.  Face coverings and screening procedures will not be enforced as school begins this August, but could be brought back if COVID-19 numbers go up in the area. Additionally, bus routes, sporting events and food services in the District should look more like normal. Last school year, all students who were in the classroom were required to bring a mask to school and wear it during passing periods, when working in small groups, on school buses and when social distancing was not possible. Should the masking requirement or other COVID-19 procedures return, the community will be informed through multiple communication channels and signs will be added to every District entrance. District officials have also made modifications to their self-quarantining procedures to allow fully vaccinated students or employees to continue going to school after being exposed to a close COVID-19 contact if they show no symptoms. All students who have a strong medical reason to participate in Ignite Online will still be able to participate in the online instruction program by first talking to their building principal and then making arrangements with the District’s central office. District officials will proceed with block scheduling for students at the middle school, junior high and high school four days a week. Officials say the district’s plan will be reviewed every six months, if not sooner.

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