Rep. Sara Walsh Supports Pro-Life Measure to Defund Planned Parenthood

State Rep. Sara Walsh and her colleagues in the Missouri House of Representatives gave strong support to a pro-life measure meant to prevent taxpayer dollars from going to abortion providers. House Bill 2, which is co-sponsored by Walsh, was approved by the House Wednesday afternoon by a vote of 109-45. HB 2 makes it unlawful for any public funds to be expended to any abortion facility, or to any affiliate or associate of the facility. The bill also makes it clear that no federal act, law, order, rule, or regulation can infringe on the rights of the people of Missouri to encourage childbirth over abortion in the use of taxpayer funds, and to restrict public funds from being used to perform or assist in an abortion. With the approval of the House, the bill now moves to the Missouri Senate for consideration. Walsh urged her colleagues in the Senate to pass the bill and send it to Gov. Parson to be signed into law.

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