Cape Girardeau City Crews Planning to Improve City’s Sewer System

A $3 million investment will allow the city of Cape Girardeau tackle a massive project that will benefit anyone who lives, works or owns a business in the city. Officials say the project has a huge footprint on Cape Girardeau as a whole. Officials say, Cape Girardeau’s City Council unanimously voted on plans to overhaul the city’s sewer system, utilizing funds from the American Rescue Plan. They say the project was a way for them to use the funds across the city and benefit everyone and this is a massive project. Officials say this system has quite a number of defects around town any they allow unnecessary rainwater to enter the sanitary sewer system, and that causes several problems. Officials say that making repairs to the issues will keep rainwater out of the system and help prevent more problems in the future. The project will take two or three years to finish and officials say they must start work by the end of 2024 and finish improvements by the end of 2026. Once the project’s complete, rainwater will be routed straight to the Mississippi River.

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