Federal Unemployment Benefits to come to an End in Missouri

Anyone who lives Missouri and they are getting unemployment benefits due to the pandemic, that check is about to get smaller. As of Sunday, June 27, the extra $300 supplement from the federal government will no longer be distributed. This is a way to encourage residents to get into the work force.  Officials say before long they’re not going to have that money that’s been helping them and that the federal pandemic-related unemployment benefit assisted individuals who were struggling to find a job. Now companies are searching for employees. Missouri Governor Mike Parson said it his holding back the state’s economy. Officials say when it was announced that these extra benefits were ending; they have really seen their foot traffic in their job centers increase. Within the last 20 days, Morse said employers added over 420 new positions to the state’s data system. Data from the Department of Labor has revealed that the unemployment rate in Missouri is 4.1 percent for the month of April.  Officials with the Workforce Development Board of Southeast Missouri said assisting people find a job to take care of the needs of their families is really what it’s all about.

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