Researchers Find Delta Variant in Missouri Wastewater Samples

There’s new proof that the Delta variant of COVID 19 is in Missouri after researchers detected it in samples of wastewater. Officials say researchers first detected the Delta variant in samples from Branson. As for the Southeast Missouri region, officials say researchers did find the Delta variant in a wastewater sample from Marston. Local health officials in Cape Girardeau are currently keeping an eye on what is found by researchers. Local health officials say seeing the Delta variant detected in wastewater samples across Missouri assists frontline workers to anticipate what’s to come in the region. Officials say they are able to communicate that information, preparing them for possible increases in those hospitalizations. They also say the spread of the Delta variant is just another reason to receive the COVID vaccine. Officials say if it spreads faster in the community, it then eventually will reach venerable populations and if they don’t receive a vaccination, it increases their chances of having those severe symptoms.


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