Man From California Mails Meth to Popular Bluff

A California man was arrested in Poplar Bluff after he mailed meth. Officers from the Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force learned that Elcan was shipping methamphetamine from a UPS store in California to people in Southeast Missouri. Then he would either have those people distribute the drugs or he would fly to Missouri, distribute the drugs, wire the drug proceeds back to California, then fly back home. On the morning of July 11, 2020, officers learned that Elcan was traveling to Missouri and that he had shipped a package by UPS from California to a residence in Poplar Bluff. The officers watched the UPS delivery person put the package on the porch. Elcan came out of the home, picked up the package and carried it back into the home. Officers went to the home and knocked on a door. Elcan ran out another door and tried to escape. Other officers followed him. Elcan was captured a short distance away. Officers recovered the package delivered to the home. The package held 446 grams of a mixture or substance containing methamphetamine. Elcan faces a minimum sentence of ten years incarceration, up to a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Elcan’s sentencing is set for September 8 in Cape Girardeau.

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