Vaccine hesitancy is a detriment to Reaching Herd Immunity Within Cape Girardeau County

Local health officials say Interest in receiving COVID-19 inoculations hasy slowed in Cape Girardeau County. They say that seventy percent of a total population becoming vaccinated is considered by many to be the standard to reach herd immunity. Herd immunity theory suggests indirect protection from infectious disease can occur when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune — whether through vaccination or via previous infection — in effect reducing the likelihood of infection for people who lack immunity. In Cape Girardeau County, the most recent PHC figures show 35.7 percent  of the county’s total population has received one dose with 31.2 percent  considered fully inoculated with two doses. The county’s numbers trail the statewide figures of 41.8% (one dose) and 34.8 percent  (two doses). Cape Girardeau School District reported more than 100 Pfizer doses were administered Wednesday to children between the ages of 12 and 17 at Terry W. Kitchen Central Junior High by Broadway Pharmacy. Parents may sign up their children at


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