The Charleston R-1 School District Starts Summer School Program

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way students were educated throughout the whole academic year. For one school district in the region it caused a learning gap. In order to close the gap, some students in the Charleston R-I School District will continue learning throughout the summer. At Warren E. Hearnes Elementary School regular classroom instruction is vital for a student’s success. Officials say nothing can take the place of being in school. Due to the coronavirus pandemic students were forced to pack up early and learn in a virtual format. Students now are not at the levels they should be for next academic year. Education leaders say that students are struggling in subjects like reading and math the most. So now, summer school is back after years of not having it. Officials say they’ve decided to go ahead and start this summer, there’s some kinks that need to be worked out and really see where  their students are. Officials say they were given the opportunity to have a couple of teachers come in and do math pull out and reading pull out for individualized teaching, so this is kind of the decision they made to just maybe bridge that gap between what they might have missed.

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