City of Paducah Approved for Entertainment Destination

The city of Paducah recently received state approval or their Downtown Entertainment Destination Center. Members of the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control notified city officials on Tuesday. The state-issued license will let customers of both restaurants and bars to carry to-go alcoholic drinks in designated cups through city streets within the district. City officials say owntown Paducah is ready to emerge from a difficult year and offer people new ways to be entertained while continuing to strengthen currant local businesses and attract new entrepreneurs. Officials say The Entertainment District builds upon two decades vitalization and redevelopment initiatives and is the next big project for the region. There are a total of twenty eligible bars and restaurants in the Downtown Entertainment Destination nd the city is finalizing agreements with the participating businesses. The process to receive he EDC license included the approval of a city ordinance by Commissioners. It outlined the program area and guidelines, and the process included a thirty day public notice and comment period.


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