Jackson Was Recently Ranked as One of Missouri’s Safest Cities

A recent survey that was taken by SafeWise, a home security website, recently ranked the city of Jackson as the state’s thirtieth safest city. SafeWise calculated it’s ranking by utilizing 2019 crime data from the FBI. The “safest” cities were those that reported the lowest crime rates. Out of the 142 cities listed, Cape Girardeau ranked 91. Charleston pulled just ahead of Cape Girardeau with a ranking of 90. Another Southeast Missouri city, Dexter was ranked as Missouri’s 57th safest city. The list reported Scott City had 2.4 incidents of violent crime per 1,000 people, making it the 55th safest city in Missouri. Perryville was ranked as the state’s 77th safest city. Jackson reported 1.1 incidents of violent crime per 1,000 residents. Overall, the state had the eighth-highest violent crime rate and the 12th-highest property crime rate out of all fifty states, but   the state’s violent crime rate decreased from five incidents per 1,000 people in 2020 to 4.9 in 2021. Safewise surveyed residents throughout the state and found that forty-six percent of those who responded felt safe in their state compared to fifty-five percent of Americans. Also higher than the national average, 64 percent of survey respondents in Missouri said gun violence was a top safety concern. Nationwide, only 53 percent of respondents cited gun violence as a top concern. Missouri’s safest cities ranking along with other states’ can be viewed on SafeWise’s website.

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