The Cape Girardeau School District to Apply for Grant Funding for Security

 The Cape Girardeau School Board approved a $500,000 grant proposal to be utilized for funding school safety. With this approval district officials will now submit a proposal for approval to the Department of Justice for their Students, Teachers and Officers Preventing School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Grant. Money from the grant will be put towards equipment for school security. Officials say the grant would assist the district in updating security cameras and radios. The district would also utilize money from this grant to place bullet-resistant film on windows across district properties and purchase mobile metal detectors, locks and new security lighting. SVPP grants provide schools with a maximum of seventy-five percent of the funding for school safety measures. If the Department of Justice gives their approval to the district’s proposal, the Cape Girardeau School District would match the funds at twenty-five percent. The district requested a $500,000 SVPP grant. Over the course of three years, the district would pay $125,000 of this total. The Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) gives out millions of dollars in school safety funding annually through SVPP. This is the second time the Cape Girardeau district has applied for this grant funding. Two years ago the district received $72,321 from the Department of Justice.  Officials say the district utilized the grant funding for CPR, first-aid and behavioral risk assessment training. Officials say the district will not be informed until fall whether its application for the grant will be accepted.




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