Cape Girardeau County Was Recognized for Employee Safety on Monday

Cape Girardeau County was recently recognized by MAC Trust, the Missouri Association of Counties Workers’ Compensation Trust, for having the biggest percentage of decrease in workers’ compensation claims in recent years among the seventeen first-class and charter counties in Missouri. Back in 2011, Cape Girardeau County paid a yearly premium of just over $105,000 to buy workers’ compensation insurance for its employees. By 2019, just eight years later, the yearly cost had almost tripled to $314,334. It was around this time that Cape Girardeau County created a safety committee among its employees and started focusing on ways they could be safer on the job. The city’s efforts have paid off with a premium reduction of over sixty percent in the last two years and 2021 workers’ compensation insurance premium of $124,368, was savings of almost $190,000 compared to the premium the county paid two years ago. In both 2018 and 2019, Cape Girardeau County employees reported a total of thirty-eight work-related injuries. Last year, Cape Girardeau County had just fourteen workers’ compensation injury claims.  Officials say Cape Girardeau County had a thirty-eight percent reduction claims premium costs last compared to the year before. City officials say there is a direct correlation between employee safety and the county’s insurance premiums and they say when the city’s thunderstorm re lower that means their people are operating safely.


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